Double Bubble

Have you ever felt a headache,tired or had dry skin which is caused by dehydration? Have you ever struggled reminding yourself to drink more water everyday? The Double Bubble Coasters aim to solve these problems by pairing water bottles and sharing drinking information. When one person is drinking or filling his/her water bottle, both bases react to it by creating a vortex and a gurgling / pouring sound, thus making an audio-visual drinking communication. In this fun and thoughtful way, each person is reminded to drink the water he or she needs through motivation from his or her peer.







Opportunity Space

On average, humans should consume 8-10 glasses of water a day. Human body gains a lot of benefits from drinking the right level of water On a daily basis. When people get busy or depressed, they can forget to do so. Dehydration leads to many health issues including fatigue , dizziness, concentration difficulty, mood swings,etc. In addition, dehydration also leads to the inefficient use of brain metabolic activity. Through initial researches, however, we have found out that: That finding leads to our design problem:

How to motivate people to encourage each other to drink more water?

Target Map

Slide The design should not have a specific target group because it doesn’t require tech savvy people to understand how to use it. As a result, we could expand to a wider range and different generations of users. In order to understand their needs and challenges from a holistic view , we have decided to use the empathy map to help us understand our user’s archetype better. Our typical users may be the ones who heavily invest on their work and live far away from family. They have the awareness that drinking more water is good for their health but they just constantly forget to do so. They hope to have someone to remind them to drink more water, so they don’t feel that they are doing this on their own.


After we have defined our problem and user archetype, we started to brainstorm around this topic. Below are the keywords that we have mapped out which relate to this topic. There are a lot of existing products on the market such as water-intake tracking apps or different type of smart bottles, but our product is the first one experimenting on bidirectional interaction to encourage people to drink more water. In addition, by mapping out keywords we have tried to define the core value of our design, which we can later use as differentiators when designing our products. Slide We synthesized those keywords and eventually come out with our three design principles. Slide

Interaction Design

With the design principles in mind, we have started to investigate possible forms of interactions. The diagrams below illustrates the bi-directional nature of the interpersonal interaction Slide Slide

Design with Affordance - connecting materiality, sound and action

Focused on the theme of water, our design aims to bridge the affordance gap with long distance communication through materiality. By using water as a shared medium, both parties should effectively understand the i/o relationships. Slide


Slide Slide

Demo Video


Slide Slide Slide




What could be improved

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